BI is one of engintec's core competencies

We offer business intelligence solutions, which combine the powers of business analysis, analysis of financial flows, Sales & Marketing, and communication projects. We help our clients to store and handle their large volumes of data, create compelling and fully customizable reports, interactive dashboards, and eye-opening visualizations.

Reseller of Microsoft Licenses: Microsoft 365, Power Automate, Power BI, Sharepoint

Our Services

Excel Queries for automated data preparation tasks.

Power Pivot for data consolidation.

Cloud Tools: Azure for data storage, Sharepoint or Nextcloud for file storage.

VBA for data processing.

BI Tool: Microsoft Power BI for interactive Dashboards.
Reseller of Microsoft Licenses: Microsoft 365, Power Automate, Power BI, Sharepoint
Google Analytics for performance tracking of a website.

What you can achieve with us

    • ~2-day Workshop
    • Identifying the customer needs
    • Describing the current reporting processes, their issues and the desired outcome
    • Analyzing existing reports
    • Defining the possible solutions based on status quo
    • ~1-7 Days
    • Setup of required user licenses (e.g. Sharepoint licenses, Power BI Licenses, Office 365 Licenses)
    • Data Migration to Cloud solution
    • ~5-7 Days
    • Data collection and data transformation
    • Data modeling
    • ~5 Days
    • Creation of custom measures
    • Definition of suitable visuals
    • Creation of multiple-page Dashboards
    • ~1 Day(s)
    • Setup of refresh schedule
    • Workflow automation e.g. Mail notifications triggered by surpassing a KPI
    • Enabling mobile accessing via smartphone and tablet

User Training

  • Duration depends on desired control and previous knowledge.
  • Training can commence in parallel at any stage of the implementation process
  • We offer workshops about:
    • Office 365 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Sharepoint)
    • Power BI (Filtering and Navigation inside of finished Dashboards)
    • Data Transformation (Power Query & M-Language)
    • Data Visualization (DAX-Language & Power BI Dashboard Creation)
    • VBA

Power BI

The Business intelligence tool – Power BI provides insightful reports that can be reused and updated automatically. Ensuring the best results with every implantation of the BI tool helps the clients identify accurate data source.

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